30 Before 30: A Quickie

1. Got secret married.

2. Got publicly divorced.

3. Watched almost all of my friends have a beautiful wedding or a baby

4. Got my Bachelor’s & Master’s Degrees

5. Started fronting an awesome band – RINALDI FLYING CIRCUS, duh.

6. Started a career rehabilitating the elderly

7. Lived alone

8. Lived with significant others

9. Lived in my brother’s closet (currently still here)

10. Got an IUD – One of the best ideas my husband ever had, thanks honey. Seriously.

11. Have only gotten blacked out drunk like 2 times

12. Avoided hard drugs (reconsidering)

13. Watched both of my parents struggle with illness, injury, & disease

14. Met my soulmate and had to put him to sleep (dog not husband)

15. Ride or Died with my brother in a fist fight against a drunk dude

16. Accrued 6 figures of student loan debt

17. Bought my own car (more debt)

18. Been stressed out enough to have my hair fall out (twice)

19. Got prescription for Xanax and Zoloft (No longer currently using but, see above)

20. Made some of the best friends I still don’t think I deserve

21. Dodged getting arrested (more than a few times)

22. Got 1 celebrity retweet

23. Learned how to use a socket wrench

24. Gave away everything that wouldn’t fit in my car

25. Shot some guns. Realized that I should never own one.

26. Loved other people way more than myself

27. Cried a lot

28. Laughed a lot more.

29. Started this silly blog

30. Decided to love myself as much as I try to love others, but still love them a little extra

I’ll always be a mess. But..a pretty adorable and ridiculously loyal one, who likes to give her kisses and money away, doesn’t always brush her hair but will absolutely cut her own bangs, and will babysit your kids and dogs on a Friday night because she actually likes it.

She’s pretty cute. I like her.

FullSizeRender (1)


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