Family: This One is Serious!


I love my Family more than anything.


Do you know that some people give me shit for that? They joke and say we are some kind of clique or something. But I think that’s a poor choice of words, an understatement. Because I think we are more like an army.


I’m not just talking about my five brothers and my wonderful parents. I’m talking about my whole Family. The men and women with different last names and skin tones and religious beliefs who I would die for. I would take a bullet for them and their children. And they would do it for me. Because they know how amazing this is and they know what it takes to be a part of something this awesomely beautiful. They show up and reciprocate and contribute.


They are reliable, and trustworthy, and just really fucking Good.


You have to work hard to get in, and once you are in, you still have to work to earn your keep. This isn’t some participation award or $5 membership fee. This is an elite squad, the best of the best, a fucking force to be reckoned with.


There are rules. Flexible, but firm. There is leeway and room for error and time for practice, but there are also consequences if you don’t step your game up. There is still an exit to be escorted out of.


But once you walk in and realize what you have surrounding you – how much love, acceptance, support, protection, and loyalty you have in your corner – you will never want to leave and it will then be effortless to stay. But, only if you see it and appreciate it and truly know what you have in front of you.


Don’t you dare come in here with ill intentions or some kind of selfish angle. I don’t say that to protect The Family, I say that to protect you. Because when you realize what you fucked up, you will never ever be able to forgive yourself. And we will carry on without you. Still wishing you the best, but knowing you won’t ever get it again.


Not like this.




Insert late night, should-be-sleeping-but-appreciating-all-my-lovies slide show. If your pic should be on here, forgive me! It’s late and I’m sleepy and I may not have an easily accessible photo of you and yours. Also, there’s so many extended family and friends and so many lovely and not so lovely situations and circumstances that have brought us together or have physically kept us apart. I love and appreciate all of you more than you will ever know.



Also, I ate gummy bears for dinner.





10451795_629406623277_5418683150179314987_n11044577_645463555057_2967017163699676904_n208089_503495374602_2531_n11856483_10207751431921200_1049212596048948910_o12375222_677542977637_4837835798508872547_o12742240_1143485119009474_2837331951811345121_n (1)13442375_698228558567_1036950855640644017_n18192397_747319305317_946290091331554481_o19025282_755468324617_2254447715776893773_o19023267_755437261867_2010916344133870754_oIMG_0693IMG_099914890602_717669324117_7159183751124304618_o


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