Honk if You Like Art

I was writing this as two of my friends were posting about a similar theme and when the three of us have weird telepathic moments I know better than to dismiss it as just noise in my head.


If you don’t believe in anything, well, I feel sorry for you. But, if you don’t believe in anything, at least believe in the creatives, the empaths, the ground breakers and the envelope pushers, and the “no, she didn’t just do that”-ers and support them when they are doing their thing.


There are people doing some cool ass shit, mostly just being themselves and speaking their minds and it’s pretty amazing. To watch people throw caution to the wind and not give a fuck if everyone agrees or loves it. To be completely and utterly themselves. To watch people explode out of the cages that someone kept them in – or even they kept themselves in.  Never stop little birdies.


There’s something awesome about writing or creating something. No matter how big or small. It is cathartic and necessary to get out of your body and brain – mostly so it stops consuming you. But there’s something even bigger in the moment you actually share it with someone. The exchange. The passing of these feelings you tried to articulate or convey in some kind of written or visual or auditory or textural totem. The fear and excitement of releasing it, and the anticipation and anxiety of how it will be received. The “I don’t know if I even want you to see this, but I NEED to show you” predicament. And sometimes we are worried about what our peers will think, but more often than not they respond graciously and appreciatively and say:


Ah, this IS you. And I see you. And now I carry a piece of you with me and I thank you.


Yes, thank you.


Thank you, to all of my lovely, creative friends for choosing me to be someone you share ideas and poems and essays and songs and paintings and doodles and designs and even just random thoughts and opinions with. Thank you for seeing and receiving me, as well. Thank you to all the strangers, too. Who I look up to in awe about how badass you are for doing the damn thing. Thank you for letting yourself think and feel and create these things, for being brave enough to share them and for making me feel brave, too.


There is nothing quite like exposing the deepest and sometimes darkest parts of you and someone not just saying This is okay but also, I understand.


Often times I get overwhelmed with feelings of: Why should I share this? I don’t really matter. I’m just a dumb lady who thinks things. What makes me special? Why would people give a shit about what I have to say, write, or sing – everyone probably thinks I’m an asshole for saying anything at all. And I KNOW some of you have these feelings too – like your voice or your ideas do not matter or feeling like you are not good enough, or feeling like everyone hates you or rolls their eyes anytime you open your mouth.


Well, your ideas do matter and you are good enough, and they don’t hate you..but if they do..fuck ’em! If it’s calling you and stepping on your face every morning to make this damn thing, it’s because you can and you should and the rest of us will get mad at you if you don’t. Do not waste the gift. People get pissed about that shit. Wasted talent. Who said something along those lines? De Niro in A Bronx Tale? You was right, Bobby boy.


A dear friend of mine says “It wont be for everyone and that’s okay. The people who need you will find you.” I don’t know if she wrote this advice herself or if she pulled it from another intellectually beautiful person, but she is adorable and smart and she’s my wise, Slim Jim eating owl so we are going to give this one to her. And I just hope she remembers this advice herself when she writes and shares because her words have kept me from crawling into some pretty dark places before.


Please never stop. All of you. Never stop creating and sharing. So many people need your voices and visions – not just to reflect and to learn and to grow but most importantly, to not feel alone. There are times where you may be the only string that person is clinging to – one that keeps them from floating away. Keep tossing out them strings.


So all of you crafty, dramatic, empathetic, wise, tortured, quirky, against the grain, anxious, awkward artists – Do not get discouraged if not everyone understands or “likes” it. The rest of us need you and you mean more to us than you will ever know.


I love you all and cannot wait to see what you do next.


A lovely poem by a lovely person.   JABpoet

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